Retaining walls are a technical name for a beautiful and practical landscaping feature. We commonly recommend them to customers for both their useful qualities and aesthetic qualities. We find that customers love the way they address erosion and protect the foundation of their property. They also use the walls as added privacy or transform them into raised landscape beds to benefit their natural surroundings. We’ve been building such walls in the hills of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor in Colorado for over 30 years.

Retaining Walls Help Prevent Erosion

If you’ve already put time and investment into your lawn and property, whether that means fertilization and weed control or landscaping, then retaining walls will help protect that investment. The walls, when planned well, redirect water from rain and runoff so it doesn’t pool and affect the important areas of your lawn and cause erosion. Soil erosion is subtle but powerful— the entire state of Iowa lost 15 million tons of soil to erosion in 2014.

In more extreme cases, redirecting water also prevents flooding that can damage your home and ruin important belongings inside.

Walls are made out of durable hardscaping materials like:

  • Sandstone
  • Granite
  • Limestone

Retaining walls are commonly built out of stone blocks. These materials will ensure that your new retaining walls are a lasting investment that benefits your property for decades to come.

Erosion also affects the very foundation of your property. Soil erosion damages your property over time by reducing the stability of the ground that supports the structure of your home.

Maybe investing in an outdoor landscape garden isn’t your priority, but erosion can decrease the stability of your home over time. Retaining walls are a great feature to install to protect your home and land.

Retaining Walls Make Your Lawn More Enjoyable

Adding a smaller retaining wall, or seating wall, to your property in Loveland, CO, helps to expand your outdoor living space.

Retaining walls are a functional property investment, but they can be part of the landscaping in your yard in a way that makes your lawn a more enjoyable place to visit and live in. For example, many people use the retaining walls as a privacy feature that allows them to roam their yard in peace without worrying about visibility from the road.

The walls can also make a great raised bed for unique and beautiful landscaping. Gardeners love the ability to turn the hills in their backyard into more useable land for planting flowers and trees.

Shorter retaining walls, also called seating walls, can be used to create natural seating. They’re commonly installed around more social areas of the property—such as an outdoor kitchen or around a fire pit.

Retaining wall design is one of the things we love most about building them, and we help customers create pleasing spaces in their yard with them.

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Retaining walls are a common and wonderful solution for both maintaining and protecting your home and adding value to the beauty and enjoyment of your property. We love helping customers in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor, CO devise custom retaining wall solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and protect their properties from erosion for years to come. We take into account their unique property and vision.

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