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A new seating wall built around the clients recently installed patio in the backyard of a home in Loveland, CO.

Retaining Walls & Seating Walls In Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, & Northern Colorado Areas

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Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor, CO residents and businesses can have us build custom retaining walls and seating walls for their property.

Retaining walls and seating walls are hardscape features that create an aesthetically pleasing landscape, while also providing functionality, such as soil erosion prevention.

Extremely sturdy retaining wall that was built for a homeowner in Fort Collins.

When it comes to form and function, nothing hits it on the head quite like retaining walls and seating walls. These hardscaping features offer your home a beautiful landscaping quality while being valuable in other ways, that include preventing soil erosion.

For years, we have been creating aesthetically pleasing landscapes for the properties of residents and businesses all around the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor, CO areas. With a little bit of planning, we can transform the way you use your exterior property.

Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall

Our experts can help your business or home prevent erosion by installing a retaining wall. Retaining walls are a great commodity to have when your property has slopes or hills. In addition to preventing erosion on your property, retaining walls are beneficial in a variety of other ways, including:

  • Creating more usable space on your property
  • Helping to redirect water and becoming a key component in flood prevention
  • Creating a focal point by giving homeowners and businesses multiple levels of landscaping opportunity

Retaining walls help level out your property and become a necessary tool for holding back soil and preventing erosion in areas of elevation changes. Making the choice to have a retaining wall installed will aid your property by adding beauty and reinforcement to your natural elements.  

What Seating Walls Are Used for & Where Are They Added

Seating walls are not typically used in the prevention of soil erosion the way retaining walls are. However, they are used as an option for added seating around other hardscaping materials in your yard. Seating walls are short retaining walls meant to be used as a place for guests to sit, and are generally added around outdoor kitchens, patios, or fire features.

Seating walls are a natural way of adding seating around your outdoor environment.

A popular thing to do is to have seating walls double as landscaping beds, by adding small beds on the ends or in the back on the seating wall.

Common Material Options Used in Custom Retaining Wall & Seating Wall Construction

There are many materials available for homeowners and businesses to choose from with regards to having a custom retaining wall or seating wall constructed. At Alive Outside Landscaping, we can help you choose the best option to suit both your aesthetic preferences and your budget. Here are some of the most common materials you will find on the market for both seating and retaining walls built in the communities of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor, CO:

  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Stone Blocks
  • Retaining Wall Blocks
  • Clay Bricks

Example of a retaining wall in Loveland, that Alive Outside Landscaping built for a client.


Contact our experts for a consultation on retaining wall or seating wall installation.

Retaining walls and seating walls help break up the exterior space around your property. Additionally, retaining walls and seating walls serve a dual purpose in their prevention of erosion on your property and their ability to create plenty of space for friends and family.

Request a consultation with one of our experts today at (970) 889-3826 to review your Northern Colorado land in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor and offer you advice on having us install your retaining wall or seating wall. We also work with communities in the Denver area—for questions on Denver installations, contact us at (720) 507-4330.

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