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Outdoor Kitchens In Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, & Northern Colorado Areas

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We design and build custom outdoor kitchens for clients in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, and surrounding Northern CO areas.

Our professionals are trained to use proper techniques and can plan, design and install an outdoor kitchen oasis that blends your interior and exterior space seamlessly.

Outdoor kitchen with a grill and bar in the backyard of a property in Fort Collins, CO.

Your home deserves an outdoor oasis for entertaining family and friends. At Alive Outside Landscaping, our professionals are experts in seamlessly blending your interior and exterior space to create an area where you can spend more time outdoors with the ones you love. We can plan, design, and install an outdoor kitchen for your Fort Collins, Loveland, or Windsor home.

Bars, Sinks, & Other Common Elements often included in Outdoor Kitchens

Stacked stone outdoor kitchen for homeowner in Loveland, CO.

What do you want your outdoor kitchen to include? This is one of the most essential questions we ask our clients. We need to know what features are must-haves for your space. We can then develop your design plan around those key elements, while also keeping alternatives in mind. Some of the most common features seen in outdoor kitchens today include:

  • Shelving or storage
  • Dishwasher
  • Bars or countertops
  • Sink
  • Seating Walls
  • Stone tables
  • Ovens or gas/electric grills
  • Patio
  • Stove
  • Lighting

With so many features to consider for your outdoor kitchen, having the advice and experience of our team will help you make informed decisions on every element of your new exterior space.

Building Materials Used in Outdoor Kitchen Construction

A successful hardscaping project is partially predicated upon the materials used in the build. At Alive Outside Landscaping, we use sturdy, long-lasting materials to give you an aesthetically pleasing, but durable outdoor kitchen.

Most patios that are installed with outdoor kitchens are created using pavers. Pavers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors, which offer customers versatility. Granite is a preferred countertop and bar substance.

Tables and seating walls are generally made of stone or pavers. Appliances are meant to withstand the elements, so the choice for your outdoor appliances usually lean towards stainless steel.

How to Properly Maintain Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen on a deck overlooking Northern Colorado.

The best way to ensure your kitchen lasts for years to come is to make sure you maintain it. Proper maintenance does not have to be intense, but it is a good idea to regularly clean and inspect the elements of your outdoor kitchen.

Clean your kitchen space using a combination of a broom, scrubbing brush, and water. Have the stone power washed annually to remove stains incurred from grill smoke, food, and other substances. Keeping your kitchen clean will deter pests such as insects, rodents, and other wildlife from entering your space.

During the cold months, disconnect your utilities to keep energy costs low and to keep the lines from freezing. Seal your granite countertops every 3-5 years to keep them from being damaged from UV light. Inspect your elements frequently

It is important to inspect your outdoor kitchen elements frequently for wear and tear, or other issues, and address them immediately.

Designing, budgeting, & planning for your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming an increasingly hot commodity to have. Colorado homeowners are getting quotes from our contractors and building their dream kitchens outdoors. Why? With a designated outdoor space, you are able to spend more time near nature and make memories with your family outdoors. You can enjoy the good weather through spring, summer, and fall in the beautiful Colorado air.

First, let us help you design a space you will love for years to come. When it comes to creating an outdoor kitchen, you need to have an idea of your design and choose your elements prior to drawing up the plan. Part of the planning process includes understanding where you are comfortable with your budget.

Average outdoor kitchens can range from 10,000-30,000+ depending on how large of a kitchen you design, what it includes, and the materials you want to use.

After your budget is agreed upon and your exterior elements are decided upon, we can begin drawing up designs and working on planning out your space. Keep in mind how you will be using your kitchen and how many people you plan on entertaining. We can help make sure your space suits your home's architectural style and has all the elements you need to enjoy your new outdoor kitchen.

Call us to start the design and installation process of your outdoor kitchen.

You are one phone call away from working with us to bring your love of entertaining and cooking outdoors to life! At Alive Outside Landscaping, we know the importance of having an exterior space that is inviting and entertaining for your friends and family. Work one-on-one with our company to create a space that has everything you need and more. We go above and beyond client expectations to make your property a place that feels like home both inside and outside.

Set up a consultation and start the design and installation process with us today. Call us at (970) 889-3826 for more information on outdoor kitchens for your Fort Collins, Loveland, or Windsor home, or at (720) 507-4330 for outdoor kitchens in the Denver, CO area.

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