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A close up photo of a water fountain at a Fort Collins, CO home.

Fountain Installation In Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, & Northern Colorado Areas

Add a beautiful, custom outdoor fountain to your landscaping at your residential or commercial property.

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Custom fountain design and installation services in Loveland, Windsor, and nearby areas of northern Colorado.

We construct all types of fountains from grandiose displays to smaller garden fountains.

Cascading waterfall fountain installed at a Fort Collins, CO property.

A custom fountain can be a beautiful addition to any property, whether it be a large commercial property or a small residential yard. We create large, grandiose displays to smaller garden fountains.

Our landscape company installs fountains at properties in Windsor, Loveland, Fort Collins, and the nearby areas in northern Colorado.

Why You Should Install a Fountain in Your Yard

A fountain is an excellent choice when it comes to water features. The sound of water cascading down provides a sensory feel to your landscape and also adds a focal point to the landscape. Learn more about types of fountains and types of materials used to make them.

Fountains can be very diverse.

A bubbling water fountain landscape feature in Fort Collins, CO.

If you are considering installing a fountain, know that these can be made in any size or shape. In our area of northern Colorado, we have many different architectural styles and can match the fountain design to the look and feel of your home. Types of materials that fountains are commonly made from include:

  • Fiberglass: This material is light and easy to install. It can be designed to look smooth, shaped like stones, or to look like a rock bubbler fountain.
  • Decorative Stone: A decorative stone fountain will last for decades so long as it is cleaned property.
  • Metal: We can use different types of metal to create a fountain for you. Bronze fountains are very popular, as well as cast metal.
  • Ceramic: Many ceramic fountains are designed to look like pottery, which blends in well with many of the homes in our area that have a Southwestern feel.
  • Concrete: We can use concrete to create multi-tiered fountains or square fountains that have a sleek look to them for more modern-style properties.
  • Cast Stone: Use other types of stone for a fountain that will look beautiful and provide you with years of enjoyment.

Each material is very durable and will last a long time with the proper maintenance. Fountains will need to be cleaned every so often to remove any buildup of minerals from the water running through them, but are relatively easy to maintain. They will need to be winterized so that the surfaces or pipes do not crack or break due to frozen water.

For a low-maintenance type of fountain that integrates seamlessly with your landscape bed, consider adding a bubbler fountain made from a rock or boulder.

Ready to add a fountain to your landscape? Contact us for an estimate.

Throughout Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, and the surrounding areas of northern Colorado, our crews create custom fountains and install them in your landscape. If you are ready to add a fountain or other type of water feature on your property, contact us today at (970) 889-3826 to schedule an estimate with one of our qualified contractors.

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