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A great example of a professionally planned and installed landscape bed outside a home in Loveland, CO.

Landscaping Services In Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, & Northern Colorado Areas

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Landscaping design and installation by our experts for commercial and residential customers in or near Fort Collins, Loveland, or Windsor, CO.

We design and install landscaping that combines our knowledge of landscaping, basic design principles, as well as native shrubs, trees, flowers, and other plants.

New landscaping installation with hardscaping in front of a home in Windsor, CO.

At Alive Outside Landscaping, our expertise in landscaping design and installation creates beautiful landscaping that is eye-catching for residential and business owners. Our specialists combine basic design principles, native materials, and our wealth of knowledge to design your ideal landscaping.

Landscaping is primarily made up of the combination of two different types of design: hardscaping and softscaping. Hardscaping is the implementation of man-made elements, such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, and outdoor water features. Softscaping is the use of plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, and ground cover. We work to design and install beautiful landscaping for Colorado properties in Loveland, Fort Collins, and Windsor.

5 Design Principles We Use to Create Digital Renderings

When designing your new landscaping, our professionals take into account the basic design principles that ensure your property will provide your home with great curb appeal. During the process of composing our digital design renderings, we take the ideas for both softscaping and hardscaping that you want, and manipulate them so that they create:

  • Balance- either asymmetrical or symmetrical
  • Focal points- we use major hardscaping or softscaping structures and fill in around them to draw focus to a specific element.
  • Depth- we layer different sized plants, shrubs, and trees to create depth and dimension around your property
  • Proportion- we make sure to use enough small and large pieces to create proportion to your hardscaping and home
  • Unity- all of these basic design principles combine together to create a cohesive, functional design for your property

In addition to considering basic design principles, we consider the native plants found within Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor, CO, so that your landscaping will thrive all year long. We work one on one with you on choosing new or mature plants, styles of shrubs, trees, and ground cover that enhance the existing aesthetics of your property.

What Happens During Design & Installation of Your Landscaping

A completed landscaping project in Fort Collins, CO%.

After we consider all aspects of the design, we use our digital design software to create renderings for your review and approval. These true-to-design renderings aid homeowners and business owners in seeing their property exactly as it would be, once the landscaping project is completed.

After your renderings are revised to perfection, we set up an installation date. The installation phase can be more or less involved, depending on the amount of landscaping and hardscaping involved in your unique layout.

We first prepare your land and remove any existing landscaping that will not be staying. After that, we prepare your landscaping beds by shaping them. Any hardscaping is created and installed on your property before filling in your landscaping beds.

The final step is carefully laying out shrubs, trees, and plants around your beds so that we can begin planting them and finishing off the landscaping with your choice of ground cover.

When we can, we use native Colorado plants in your design. Using native plants means they are already adapted to the climate, soil, and environmental conditions. They will have the best chance of thriving and surviving in your landscaping.

Benefits of Hiring Our Professional Landscapers

Beautiful new pond and waterfall installed with new landscaping in the back yard of a residential property in Windsor, CO.

Many people try to do landscaping themselves, but it is not an easy DIY project. At Alive Outside Landscaping, we have trained and knowledgeable landscapers who know the ins and outs of both designing and installing your new look. There are major benefits, both environmentally and aesthetically, to hiring experienced landscapers.

  • Experts consider wildlife and the implications of your landscaping design on the habitats.
  • A well-designed landscape boosts your curb appeal and property value.
  • Professionals create functional areas from unused space on your property.
  • Professional landscapers know how to balance both natural and synthetic materials to highlight the beauty of your property.

Schedule an On-Site Consultation Today

At Alive Outside Landscaping, we make it easy to design a timeless backdrop for your property. Whether you seek changes for your business or your home, we can make a valuable impact on your property's aesthetic. Our team of trained professionals is passionate and knowledgeable, this will ensure your landscaping is nothing but perfection from the initial consultation all the way through the final touches.

Call us at (720) 507-4330 to set up an on-site consultation and begin your landscaping project today. We have worked with numerous properties across the Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, and all Northern Colorado areas. Your landscaping can be a functional and feature-rich design if handled properly!

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