Building a new patio or walkway comes with many choices, such as where to put them, what size or shape to make them, and what materials to use when building them. Picking the material of your patio or walkway is an incredibly important choice, which is why we at Alive Outside Landscaping put together this guide to learning about pavers, bricks, and stone.

Learn about these common materials and decide which one may be best suited for your property in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, and other areas throughout northern Colorado.

Stone is the most expensive choice but will last forever with proper care.

A stone patio from above on a Fort Collins, CO property.

If you opt for stone, you will end up with a patio that is beautiful with a natural look and feel. Stone, however, is generally the more expensive option as it requires custom stonework and more labor to install. Pieces of stone do not come pre-cut and they have to be shaped on-site to create your patio and walkway. Types of natural stone you can choose are:

  • Flagstone
  • Limestone
  • Bluestone
  • Granite
  • And more!

With the proper care, a stone patio will last practically forever since it is made with such durable and long-lasting material.

Pavers offer versatile options when it comes to shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Custom paver walkway installed in front of a Windsor, CO home.

Concrete pavers are also a great choice for patios and walkways. These come in many different colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns. Pavers are designed to be interlocking so they are relatively easy to install after the proper prep work of leveling and grading is done. If a paver breaks or cracks, our hardscape contractors can easily replace that paver to keep your patio or walkway looking pristine.

As far as maintenance goes, pavers should be routinely cleaned and resealed every 3-5 years to keep them protected from the elements so they can last. With the right maintenance schedule, these can last for at least 50 years.

If price is a concern for you, then concrete pavers are the most economical choice of material for a patio and walkway.

Bricks provide a classic look and last for generations.

Brick walkway through a Loveland, CO front yard.

Another common option for custom patios and walkways is clay brick pavers. These provide a classic look, as bricks have been used for centuries to construct buildings. They do cost more than concrete, but they do not require as much maintenance and tend to hold up against the elements better, lasting for generations to come. Clay bricks are also a more eco-friendly choice, as they are made solely from natural materials and will break down easily over time.

No matter which material you choose, our experienced installers will create a beautiful, custom patio and walkway that reflects your property's personality and feel.

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