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Recently constructed gas fire pit at a residential property in Loveland, CO.

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Choosing the Best Materials for Your Outdoor Water Fountain

Choosing the Best Materials for Your Outdoor Water Fountain

When you start planning the installation of an outdoor water fountain for your home or business, you'll find that there is a wide variety of materials to choose from.

You must consider both synthetic and natural-looking materials and how they complement your surrounding landscape. You should also plan out if you want a primary material to dominate or if you want to incorporate a combination of several different materials. Here at Alive Outside Landscaping, we offer water fountain installation services to residential and commercial properties in Fort Collins, Windsor, and Loveland, CO.

If you want a water fountain for your property but aren't sure where to begin with the planning process, our water fountain contractors are here to help. Check out this guide on choosing the best materials for your outdoor water fountain.

Fiberglass is a very light material used in outdoor water fountains.

Fiberglass is one of the lightest materials available for use in outdoor water fountains. Despite its lightness, it is incredibly strong and won't break easily. However, if your landscape has a very open layout and experiences heavy wind, you may not want to use fiberglass alone, as your water fountain may be susceptible to blowing over.

If you live in an area with a lot of wind, you can plan your water fountain so it incorporates both fiberglass and heavier materials. This way, the weight of your water fountain will be adequately balanced and able to...

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Reasons to Consider Adding a Custom Fire Pit or Fireplace to Your Yard

Reasons to Consider Adding a Custom Fire Pit or Fireplace to Your Yard

Adding a custom fire pit or fireplace to your yard provides many benefits. From increased property value to extended outdoor livability and comfort, outdoor fire features are a great investment for your home.

Here are some reasons to consider adding a custom fire pit or fireplace to your yard in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, and the surrounding areas.

A Fire Pit or Fireplace Creates a Focal Point and Enhances the Outdoor Environment

A fire pit in Loveland, CO.

Adding custom landscaping or hardscaping to your yard always enhances your surroundings, and the same is true for a custom fire feature. Fire pits and fireplaces create a beautiful gathering space for family and friends to gather and becomes a focal point for your outdoor living space. No matter what type of fire feature you choose or what shape it is, a fire pit or fireplace creates a delightfully stunning design anchor in your yard and enhances the area’s natural beauty, even when not in use. Custom hardscaping, like an expertly crafted outdoor fire feature, draws attention to your home’s architecture and enhances the surrounding environment.

Outdoor Fire Features Extend the Livability and Comfort of Outdoor Spaces

An outdoor fire feature allows you to comfortably enjoy your outdoor environment throughout the year, even during cold months and at night. The heat that emanates from your fire pit or fireplace provides enough warmth to comfortably warm those who sit around the fire.


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New Retaining Wall, Custom Patio, Fire Pit, & Landscaping in Fort Collins, CO

New Retaining Wall, Custom Patio, Fire Pit, & Landscaping in Fort Collins, CO

Adding outdoor living space to your home in Fort Collins, CO, can increase property value and also give you extra space for entertaining friends and family. It’s a great way to create a space that you can love and enjoy all year.

When this homeowner came to us with a desire for an improved outdoor living space, we consulted with them on what their needs were and then designed a space that not only looks beautiful but is also highly functional.

Developing a Space to Fit the Homeowner’s Needs

Our homeowner wanted an outdoor living space for entertaining. They wanted to include a custom fire pit, build a retaining wall, add in some steps down to the rest of the yard, and put in a spot for their hot tub. We took these needs into consideration during the landscape design phase.

Constructing a Retaining Wall & Stone Steps

Our project for this Fort Collins customer included custom stone steps.

Retaining walls prevent soil erosion and also help with the overall aesthetics of a property. In this case, we added a retaining wall that also had a raised planter bed. This gives the homeowner an additional area where they can opt to add in more of our beautiful native Colorado plants.

This retaining wall that we built using concrete blocks served as the base for the rest of the project, as it helped to elevate the outdoor living space from the rest of the yard.

For easy access to the rest of the yard, we added in stone steps in the front and off to the side.

Creating a Custom Paver Patio


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Average Price of an Outdoor Kitchen

Average Price of an Outdoor Kitchen

Adding livable space to the exterior areas of your property is a sound investment that allows your family to kick back in the fresh air and soak up some sunshine. One great way to do this is with a brand new outdoor kitchen!

The average price of the outdoor kitchen installations we have performed for customers in the Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, CO area is between $10,000 and $30,000, and includes everything you need to maximize your outdoor living space.

Our contractors will consult with you during the planning phase to make your ideal kitchen a reality. Cost will vary depending upon the options you choose, which often include fire pits, fireplaces, and new patio installs.

We build lasting spaces with the most attractive materials:

  • Stainless steel for sinks and grills
  • Stone or pavers for patios and seating walls
  • Granite (including high-end), limestone, and travertine for counters and bars

Our designs are custom to your needs, and can be created using a variety of colors and textures. They are crafted to create a seamless transition from the inside of your home to the outside. The newly created space will truly be an extension of your home.

The price for outdoor kitchens includes complete design and construction, along with the needed appliances, grills, and sinks. We run power, water, and gas to the appliances as required.

Average Return on Investment & Increased Property Value With Outdoor Kitchens

The ...

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